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Beginning in 2012, The Tiffin Project is an ongoing feasibility study for the application of reusable containers in metropolitan food service environments, operating under the umbrella of The Tiffin Project Foundation – a Non-Profit Organization whose mission is to steward innovation relating to the restaurant industry’s environmental responsibilities.

Buy one of two tiffin models online for $25, or in stores for $25 (Large/Flat 1.75L) or $20 (Small/Stout 1.1L), and you get a re-usable TO GO container that comes with a special relationship to some of Vancouver’s best restaurants – which will be growing in 2014. Every time you use your tiffin at one of the participating restaurants, you’re entitled to $1 off, or a 10% discount. Proceeds from the sale of your container will go back to the community through the Vancouver Farmer’s Markets. The project is powered by Vancity.

The idea behind The Tiffin Project is that you’ll use our containers to lessen your yearly takeout waste, and we’ll help you help the local growers whose food you love with proceeds from the containers’ sales. Only Tiffin Project containers will be accepted at the project’s partner restaurants in exchange for a discount. The container – which is built to last – will pay for itself if used enough. Each restaurant accommodates The Tiffin Project’s containers differently.

From there, we then put $3 from the sale of your container towards The Tiffin Project Fund, which will go into re-localizing The Tiffin Project’s partner restaurants’ menus. The process of re-localization involves getting more people to consume more locally-grown produce more often. When restaurants source more of their ingredients from local producers, those relationships are usually called farm-to-table relationships. Why do we need to re-localize our food system? Because food from far away is less environmentally friendly than local food. Also – with the rising price of energy, food systems can no longer rely on food from far away for their future security plans. The Tiffin Project will be nurturing farm-to-table relationships through subsidization from The Tiffin Project Foundation Fund. The more money we raise, the more local produce we’re able to subsidize. With your help, this process has the power to become a recipe for the re-localization of Vancouver’s food system, while reducing its overall environmental footprint at the same time!


If 1,000 project members each use their containers twice a week for 1 year – they all pay for the cost of their containers (and then some) through restaurant discounts, and are able to spare local landfills of 104,000 disposable takeout containers, while subsidizing their local food system to the tune of $3,000. Imagine those numbers multiplied!

Support The Tiffin Project. Help your favourite restaurants help you eat more locally. Lessen your environmental footprint. Salt to taste…



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